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Anita Pappas Koziol, Licensed Massage Therapist

Anita Pappas Koziol graduated from Cortiva Institute in Crystal Lake in 2012. She received the Valedictorian Award, graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and the Presidential Scholarship from Cortiva. Anita received the award of "Best Massage Therapist of 2013" in Lake in the Hills. 

I believe that massage can help heal a person from the inside out. Massage should not be a luxury, but a necessity for everyone's health and well-being. Each individual can achieve optimal wellness and be able to enjoy their activities of daily living to its fullest potential through the use of massage and various other key programs. There are so many things that massage can do, that are still unproven. I truly believe that as research continues to be done on the positive effects of massage, that we will all be blown away by its capabilities. Massage can give a person a new lease on life. Through sessions formulated for their individual needs, clients are able to do things that they once did again. 

I became a massage therapist because of my desire to help others. I have always helped people in just about every job that I have held in the past. It is an incredible, personal satisfaction to know that you can change a person's life with the touch of your hands. My mission is to restore and maintain the health of as many people as I can in my lifetime as a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

I am a wife of 15+ years and a mother of 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 6 to 21. My first love was being a teacher. I received my Special Education Teaching Degree in 2000 from Northeastern Illinois University. I began teaching with a job the day after I graduated from school. I absolutely loved being able to help others. The greatest satisfaction was seeing my students achieve something that they thought they couldn't. I left teaching to be a stay at home mom for my 3 younger children. I decided to go back to school several years ago and massage therapy is the path I chose. It has been a very rewarding profession and one I see myself in for a very long time to come. I am glad that I made the decision to change career paths. I can still help all those in need, in what I personally feel is, a much more fulfilling way.

Infinity Massage and Wellness Center, Inc has been in business since March of 2013. Our business began in a one room office inside a Chiropractors office in Lake in the Hills. We have been in Belvidere since 2017. Our goal is to have a full Wellness Center. A place that focuses on healing the mind, body and soul through natural methods and techniques. A place where people go to feel better, to look better and just be better from the inside and out. 

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