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Introducing "The Skinny!" Massage and the Hollywood Red Carpet Treatment

Featuring the ItWorks! Ultimate Body Applicator!!! The Ultimate Body Applicator (aka: that crazy wrap thing) is a herbal body slimming wrap used to contour and improve any area of the body  (we have a Facial wrap made specifically for the face). Firm, tone and tighten slackening loose skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. ItWorks Global also offers weight loss supplements and natural, botanical skin care. 

ItWorks Facial Applicator: specially formulated specifically to get results on the delicate skin on the facial area. 

After just one 45-minute application, many clients over 40 look 5-15 years younger! 


Packages to Choose From:

Ultimate "Skinny!" Massage

 Includes one 70 minute (on table) full body relaxation massage (Infinity Classic) session  using a special  formula (to tighten, tone and firm), one body applicator, obtaining your  pre- session measurements and  your  post-session measurements, plus the time and supplies to  wrap you prior to your session. Your  session  will last a total of approximately 90  minutes.  Additional wraps ($25 each) and/or special products  to continue the process in the privacy of your own home may also be purchased. 


 *** Clients should drink at least 16oz of water prior to coming to appt (up to two hours prior). Clients should  make sure to use the bathroom prior to their appointment time. The  body will continue to eliminate toxins for  72 hours with progressive inch loss. Clients should continue to drink adequate water in order to assist the  body in eliminating toxins  naturally through urine, stool and skin. Additional sessions may be needed to see  better results. Everyone is different and not everyone will receive the same results each time. 

 Price: $115 for 90 minute session, clients may choose to add-on the Facial Applicator for an additional $25 fee. 


 Upper Body or Lower Body ONLY "Skinny!" Massage

 Includes one 40 minute/70 minute (on table) upper body OR lower body  relaxation massage session using a special formula to help tighten, tone  and firm, one body applicator to be applied anywhere from the chin down,  obtaining your pre and post measurements, plus the time and supplies  needed to wrap you prior to your  session. Your session will last  approximately 70 minutes or 90 minutes (up to you if you want a 40 minute  massage or a 70 minute massage).

Additional wraps may be purchased for  $25 each. 

 Price: $ 85* for 60 minute session (40 minute massage)

           $115* for a 90 minute session (70 minute massage)

*Clients may choose to add on the facial wrap for an additional $25 fee.

Stretch Mark Treatment Massage

This is a 70 minute full body (60 minutes on the table) relaxation massage that will use a special formula designed to firm, tighten and the tone the body while reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. You can choose to use this special formula all over or in designated spots. Additional products can be purchased at retail to continue to boost results from the treatment at home. 

Price: $80

Hollywood Red Carpet Treatment

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Getting ready for that special trip? Trying to make your New Year's Resolutions Work? Maybe just swimsuit season?                                             This is a 9 session, 90 day detox program to promote inch loss, contour, slim, tone, firm and tighten the body! Are you ready??? 

This includes 9 "Ultimate Skinny" Massage Sessions, Greens, Wraps, Fat Fighters, Defining Gel and more! 

ASK ME ABOUT IT TODAY!!! Prices will vary depending on what products will be needed and what YOUR goal is!

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